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Complex Trauma

Some trauma cases don't fit into one category, requiring individualized treatment with a combination of advanced techniques.


Celine's Story

What is an external fixator used for trauma

Initial Application
Of Fixator

external fixation trauma

Celine Standing With Her Fixator 

When her dune buggy flipped over, Celine was thrown and her leg was pinned under the chassis and against the hot motor causing severe fractures and skin damage.

A large section of her skin was removed putting her at great risk for deep infection and amputation. With multiple fractures and missing tissue, a customized approach was needed for any hope of a normal life.

A unique ringed external fixator was used along with small plates and screws to stabilize her bone and allow for skin reconstruction by the plastic surgeon. With her youthful exuberance undeterred, Celine excelled through her treatment and embraced her reconstructed leg. 

before and after surgery

Celine Is Back In The Game! 

An Explosive Injury

Injured in an explosion, this young man sustained fractures to the tibia and foot that nearly took off his leg. He was left with skin damage, missing toes, and a tibia nonunion despite excellent medical care in his country.

A novel approach was crafted to treat all aspects of his injury. This included free tissue transfer by our world class plastic surgeon, rebuilding of the missing metatarsal bones, gradual repositioning of the displaced calcaneus (heel) bone, and treatment of the tibia nonunion.

Once healed, he was finally able to walk again and was ready to rebuild his life.

Trauma Surgery

Dr. Fragomen

Trauma Surgery

During External Fixation

Trauma Surgery

After Fixator Removal

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