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Sometimes after trauma, fractures do not heal and may require further

surgical intervention


What's a nonunion?

When a break in the bone does not heal in a timely fashion it is called a “nonunion”. Nonunion may require additional surgery in order to complete the healing process. Some nonunions are severe and limb threatening, requiring a thoughtful series of surgeries to resolve the problems.

Nonunion management should be directed by a surgeon with specialized training comfortable with all available tools for bone stabilization including circular external fixation, internal plates and screws, antibiotic pastes and cement, and lengthening nails, and with performing multiple bone grafting options.

Dr. Fragomen has vast experience with nonunion care and is a member of an international committee dedicated to septic nonunion study and treatment. Below are two examples of such cases.

High Energy Trauma

This patient sustained a high energy trauma to his lower leg that was fixed appropriately by an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, the bone did not heal and the metal plates broke leaving him with a painful and unstable bone.

His occupation in the healthcare industry required standing for long hours daily which was now impossible. His treatment was methodical and personalized to his needs.

A circular external fixator with fine, tensioned-wires was used which allowed immediate weight bearing and a rapid return to work even while the bone was still healing.

This treatment rid him of all internal metal, cleared any infection, and soundly healed the fracture allowing him to focus on patient care.

Tibia And Ankle

Rakiya came to New York from Nigeria with hopes of salvaging her badly mangled leg. Her tibia was broken and failed to heal leaving her with a floppy limb that would not support any weight.

Her treatment was customized to heal the tibia nonunion, correct her ankle contracture, and lengthen her leg to match the uninjured side.

She was up and on her feet during the entire treatment. Once the bone was healed the external fixator was removed. She is back walking and living a full life.

Get Back To Living

Each patient needs personalized treatment and Dr. Fragomen employs a custom care approach for everyone. Therefore, recovery time varies from case to case and depends on a number of factors. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please refer to the information below.

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