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Knock Knees No More

Annie is currently recovery from her knock knees surgery.

Follow her journey!

Consistent Dislocation

Annie had knock knees and a rotational deformity, both of which contributed to her patella femoral instability. Her instability was so severe that her kneecaps would pop out of place during everyday activities, even walking was a risk!

Knock Knees surgery
Knock Knees Surgery

On Track For a Better Life

Annie found Dr. Fragomen and Dr. Shubin Stein. Together they were able to help Annie have some normalcy in her life. Dr. Fragomen corrected her knock knees while Dr. Shubin Stein fixed her kneecap instability. She recently had her second surgery and is on course for a great recovery!

Knock Knees Surgery
Knock Knees Surgery

Medical Questions

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