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Knock Knees Knocked Out

Sandra had knock knees for as long as she could remember.

See her story below!

Back Pain from Knock Knees?

Sandra was born with genu valgum or knock knees. When she was younger, her knock knees made her self conscious.


As Sandra went about her life, she began to experience back pain from her knock knees. She decided enough was enough and contacted Dr. Fragomen.

Knock Knees Surgery Genu Valgum
Knock Knees surgery

Back To Living

Sandra had both knock knees corrected at the same time and now her legs are straight!



Sandra is no longer self-conscious about her legs and feels like a completely different person

"I went to see Dr. Fragomen, that was the best decision I ever made in my life. I'm not the same person as before the surgery"

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