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Charcot Disease

Neuropathy can result in a variety of conditions including Charcot neuroarthropathy. This condition affects the nerves, bones, joints, and soft tissue of the affected area. Below is a case of Charcot foot and the treatment that ensued.

charcot 1.PNG
charcot 1.PNG

Initial Visit

After noticing their foot was mispositioned, this patient came for treatment.

Due to pre-existing neuropathy, the patient did not feel any pain from this severe dislocation.

The patient was unable to walk and was at risk for ulceration and deep bone infection.


In order to reposition the foot, an external fixator was applied. Slowly but surely, the adjustments began to bring the foot back to it's correct position.

Once this position was achieved, it was time for the ankle fusion.

Charcot 2.PNG
Charcot 3.PNG


With the foot repositioned and the external fixator still attached, an internal compression nail was inserted through the foot, into the tibia, to reinforce the ankle fusion. Years of experience has shown this dual fixation works best.


With the foot repositioned and the ankle fully fused, the external fixator and internal compression nail were removed.

The foot is now fully repaired and patient is walking well.

Charcot 4.PNG
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