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Stem Cell Therapy and Bone Grafting

Grafting an osteotomy site as well as injecting stem cells during surgery are one of the many techniques Dr. Fragomen utilizes to promote increased bone healing.

Why Use Stem Cells?

Stem cell extraction

Stem Cells are drawn from the patient under anesthesia, during surgery.

The process is simple and uncomplicated, stem cells are extracted using a needle and syringe and are then ready to go.

This video shows pressurized injection of stem cells into damaged bone during ankle distraction surgery.


Stem Cells have an amazing ability to stimulate bone and cartilage growth.

 Bone Graft Taken 

 From Tibia 

 Bone Graft Taken 

 From Iliac Crest 

What Is Bone Grafting?


Bone grafts facilitate bone healing by bringing very healthy bone tissue and bone healing cells, including stem cells, into an area that is struggling to heal

Autograft refers to bone graft taken from the patient's pelvis, femur, tibia, or calcaneus. 


An amazing aspect of autografting is the fact that it is an organic process that uses the body's own healing power to promote bone health and consolidation

The iliac crest bone graft has a high number of stem cells and helps provide accelerated healing

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