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Limb Salvage

An amputation can be a limb salvage operation when it is possible to prevent an above knee amputation (saving the knee joint) and give the patient a below knee amputation. 


Back On The Slopes

Paul was facing an above knee amputation. His knee, tibia, main nerve, and artery were damaged, and despite previous heroic repairs, his foot was dying. 

Our goal was to save Paul's knee. To do that, we transported the healthy part of his tibia all the way up to the knee joint via an external fixator.

By using the external fixator and gradually shortening the leg, we were able to save Paul's knee with a below-knee amputation and giving him a better quality of life.

This was Paul's first time skiing since his surgeries and we could not be more thankful for his success. His story is an inspiration to us all!

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